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1. “元宇宙动物园”第一代动物NFT,限量1万个,由玩家自行铸造,先来先得。
2. 第一代动物,在升级到30级以后,可以自由交配,生成新的第二代动物。以后的第n代,都依据这个规则诞生。
3. 交配,升级,学习技能,升星,升品质等,都需要花费“饲料”。
4. PVE, PVP, 经营动物园,勘探,掠夺,偷袭朋友,都可以赚取“饲料”。
5. 用户在土土平台,自己发行动物园的NFT。
6. 用户在土土平台,自由交易动物园的NFT。
7. 用户在土土平台,自由购买游戏代币“饲料”,以及NFT动物。
8. 用户在土土平台的交易行为,接受三种代币:USDT, TT
9. 用户注册“宇宙动物园”,必须有邀请码,邀请码由发行方自行发放。
10. 任何人都可以成为发行方,发行方参与游戏的利润分成(由智能合约自动完成)。
11. 发行方的分成比例,是由发行方所邀请的人数决定的(1人~6万人,对应,10% ~ 50% 的分成比例)。

1. The first-generation animal NFT of "Zoo UTopia" is limited to 10,000, which is cast by the player on a first-come, first-served basis.
2. The first-generation animals, after being upgraded to level 30, can mate freely to generate new second-generation animals. The subsequent nth generation were born according to this rule.
3. Mating, upgrading, learning skills, rising stars, upgrading quality, etc., all need to spend "feed".
4. PVE, PVP, operating zoos, prospecting, slightly capital, attacking friends, all can earn "feed".
5. The user publishes the zoo’s NFT on the TT platform
6. Users can freely trade the zoo’s NFT on the TT platform
7. Users can freely purchase game tokens "Feed" and NFT on the TT platform
8. The user’s transaction behavior on the TT platform accepts three tokens: USDT, TT
9. To register for "Zoo UTopia", users must have an invitation code, which is issued by the issuer.
10. Anyone can become the issuer and release the profit sharing for participating in the game (automatically completed by the smart contract).
11. The issuer's share ratio is determined by the number of people invited by the issuer (1 to 60,000, corresponding to 10% ~ 50% of the share ratio).

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